Title Insurance (premiums and fees) is regulated by the Dept of Banking and Insurance.  Unfortunately there are numerous extenuating circumstances that make providing an easy way for you to get an exact quote difficult.  Questions like; Is it a purchase or refinance? What is the ratio of price vs loan?  How much was the original principal of a loan being paid off?  How many predecessors of title need to be searched?  Does a second mortgage have to be recorded?  And probably at least another ½ dozen questions effect the final cost of the title insurance aspect of a real estate transaction.  It is our experience that most people would like an easy way to get an approximate cost.  We have included this calculator for that purpose.  If you are refinancing we have approximated all (closing + notary fees, recordings, wires, etc..) of your settlement costs.  If you are purchasing please consult your attorney/settlement agent for costs in addition to the regulated title insurance premium and associated fees we have attempted to approximate for you with the following calculator.  Simply choose between purchase or refinance, and enter an amount.