sservicesResidential or commercial, purchase or refinance Centurion Title Services, LLC can handle as much of the settlement process as you desire. We offer complete settlement services for transactions in which we are issuing title insurance. If you’re a North Jersey Real Estate Attorney allow us to conduct your clients entire purchase transaction, while you provide legal counsel along the way.

Our conference room in a Class A office building overlooking route 4 will just reinforce to your client that you only work with the utmost professional service providers the industry has to offer. No need for you to prepare the HUD-1, get rejected documents back from our friendly county clerks, chase down that last discharge or better yet a redeemed tax sale certificate. If you’re a loan officer or bank just refinancing a property, to meet your clients schedule. Their place of business in the morning, their home in the evening or on weekends, we close at their convenience. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we rarely send non Centurion Title Services, LLC employees to closings, and on those rare occasions that we do it is someone we have worked with exclusively for years. NO ROTARY NOTARIES HERE!